Reducing packaging environmental impact is no longer an unknown concept, but it is instead becoming a more and
more present request in the public eye.
It is a very complex topic, which requires a personalized approach, in the same way our packaging is personalized.
For each procedure, we are able to provide a complete solution to our customers:

  1. Thickness reduction with special mixes; immediate reduction of 10 to 15% of the “carbon footprint” without actual disadvantages. Food contact compatibility is maintained.
  2. Use of a part of regenerated material. The carbon footprint can be reduced by 40-50% (depending on the quantity of regenerated material) BUT no food grade certificate can be delivered. Mechanical and optical differences depend on the quantity of regenerated material. Piduemme uses regenerated material deriving from recycling its own waste products, guaranteeing a product without color nuances or unpleasant smells. There is a small saving on material used, but thickness will not change.
  3. Use of polyethylene made out of raw materials of plant origin. Carbon footprint is completely nullified and the final product is extremely similar to the one already in use. Ethylene used comes from sugar cane, but the end-product is neither biodegradable nor compostable. The price is about 3 times higher than “classic” polyethylene, it is possible to use it in smaller percentages (20-30-50%) which allow balancing carbon footprint and prices. Food contact compatibility is maintained.
  4. Use of compostable/biodegradable materials. In this case a different product is obtained (for example shopping bags), which is more rubbery and has to be tested in various applications. The carbon footprint is usually not net zero emissions, since fossil biodegradable polyester is used together with potato/corn starch.
    The price is similar to the one in section 3, food contact compatibility is maintained.

As mentioned, no single universal solution exists and each formula needs to be calculated depending on the conditions of use, on the customer’s goals, his budget and on the relevant legal limits.
Please contact us via e-mail ([email protected]) or on the phone (+39 039 570151), we will figure out the best solution, together.